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​​​​"When it comes to originality, performance impact, musicianship and non-stop comedy, Paul Venier is a powerful entertainer."

- Regis Philbin

"When I first met Paul he was a musician, and we did a little improvisation on stage together. I knew immediately after the skit that he was a natural comedian and a born entertainer."

- Don Rickles

"Paul Venier is one of the best entertainers alive"
- LA Comedy Awards

"Paul Venier, the aptly named 'Comedy Tornado', defies all forms of shorthand. In fact, his delivery, both on and offstage, is so rapid that Robin Williams in his coke-fueled heyday would be hard-pressed to keep up. Most impressive, perhaps, is the fact that he maintains this frenetic pace throughout Springsteen-like marathons. It is difficult to imagine anyone feeling stiffed after experiencing 'The Comedy Tornado'!"
- Michael Lee, Good Times Magazine


"Wow!! To say Paul Venier has an abundance of energy and talent would be a tremendous understatement. He does not let an ounce of talent go to waste."
- Ron Messina, HIP Magazine

"This Man is a One-Man Comedy Tornado!"- Norman LaFoe, Agent and President of Tru Circle Comedy

"The Jersey Shore has produced many talented people, but one of the Shore's most colorful entertainers is Paul Venier."
- Asbury Park Press, NJ

"The show maintained a rapid-fire pace for a solid 2 hours. There was rarely a moment when the audience wasn't laughing!"
- Alan M. Huscher, The Collegian - La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA.

"When the show was over I had pains in my stomach. Never have I quite laughed like that before."- Tom Green, The Independent Paper

- Kean College, Union, NJ


Name: John James

From: Greenwich, NY

The Standing Ovation you received last night at The Middle Falls Fire Department Fundraiser Show was so well deserved. I have seen many comedy shows over the years but never have I been so entertained and had pains from laughing so hard. You truly are a tornado and I can't understand why you are not on a television series or something well known. I wish you the best and hope to see you again very soon. I will definitely be mentioning your name as one of the best live acts I have ever seen whenever people are talking about comedians. The Comedy Tornado rocks!

Name: Chris Aldrich

From: Captain, Pleasant Plains Fire Department

Reading your Client Reviews, it appears to me that no one realizes the civic contributions that you do for the military, emergency services, & kids. I would just like to personally thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts, at the Pleasant Plains Fire Department, (, as you have always been a great friend, and a loyal supporter of ours. Its people like you who really help volunteers like us, stay in business!

Name: Mark Merriman
From: Middletown, NJ

My friends still talk about your performance at my surprise birthday party that my family threw for me over a year ago. It was such a surprise for me, and then I saw your stage set up, I knew it was going to be a night to remember...and it knocked it out of the park and made the night that much more special. Love ya, bro!!

Name: Steve Brennan
From: Toms River, NJ

Attended Paul's fundraising show last night at the East Dover First Aid Squad. Being a long time fan of Paul's musical and comedy talent since his musical days as a member of Salty Dog Band in the '70s and his comedy career from the weekends at the Ye Olde School Inn in Lavallette. I have seen Paul perform numerous times in all venues, and continue to be amazed with his talent and energy. Last nights show was special as my wife and I introduced a second generation to an entertainer that has brought a lifetime of enjoyment and memories. Enjoyed the show as usual. Thanks for a great night!

Name: Ernie Demetriou
From: Ronkonkoma, NY

Ok, so last night, Saturday, was the second time I've seen you on Long Island and once again I laughed and enjoyed your show so much that my ribs still hurt! How you go non stop for hours and remember everyone's name and jobs and such is truly amazing. All the comedians involved were great. You are a true professional and besides the comedy, the musical portion is equally awesome. Please continue to let me know when you are on Long Island and I will continue to bring people and laugh our asses off...thanks.

Name: Chris Moshinskie
From: Raleigh, NC

I worked at The East Side Comedy Club for 2 years. Saw them all, including Jim Carrey, Ray Romano, Kevin James, etc. The ONLY comedian I ever stayed to watch the show TWICE in one night was Paul's. His interaction with the audience made for a totally different show....Have seen him many times since and sent a lot of my friends to see him as well. And they all say he is the best they have seen. On my bucket list, singing "I Go To Extremes" with Paul at the end of a show is #7.

Name: Keith Monti
From: Old Bridge, NJ

We hired Paul for a private holiday party last weekend with family & friends. My wife and I saw Paul do a half hour set at the Borgata in Atlantic City back in August and immediately were drawn to his amazing talent. I emailed him to see if he were available the night of our annual party, and much to our pleasant surprise, he was. We hired him and were super excited for the night to come. Paul came to our home two weeks before the party to check out our family room at our request which was going above & beyond. The day of our party where Paul was set to perform at around 9:00pm, he showed up at our home at 3:30pm, to set up and run sound checks. He sung a few songs for me & my wife, and mingled in as our guests arrived a few hours later. It was now showtime and we were so proud to know the pleasant treat our families and friends were in for. The "one man comedy tornado" did not disappoint. He interacted with every single guest and to his brilliance, remembers the names, and occupation (if indeed there was one) of every last person. Paul combined his comedy along with singing songs for over 2 hours of non stop entertainment. Our friends & family were amazed at his brilliance. It's easy to say that he won our family room over. We would have sat there for another 2 hours if Paul wanted to continue. After his set, he stayed and spoke to us all, like a true friend. He was not looking to perform and leave. If anyone of you is thinking about having a private affair or just to get together with a few friends for a night out, don't hesitate to hire or visit a local comedy club to see this multi-talented man perform his magic. Our cheeks hurt so much from laughing. Paul created memories that will last a lifetime for our family & friends. Both a professional and a friend came through with Paul. We want to thank him again & again for the special night we will soon never forget. Thanks Paul Venier...

Name: Carol Monti
From: Brooklyn, NY

The entertainment, PAUL VENIER, was beyond anything I ever saw or heard...talent...jokes with all singing best...the facial expressions...teasing every person, no matter where you sat...and him remembering it all. I never laughed so hard! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Name: Ron Boblooch
From: Towson, MD

You are such a talented performer. Your comedy is over the top and by the time Dar and I left at the end of the evening my jaws hurt from laughing! But you are so much more than comedy. You are a talented musician and an incredible friend! It was soo good to see you and wish you were in Baltimore more often.. It was also nice to have so many Orioles alumni there with Ross and Bird Grimsley, Judy and RV Billy Ramsey, Doc Gordon and his nephew, Calvin Alt, Tim Trembly. The entire night was so incredible. The way you kept going around the room with the grocery guy, the Dempsey manager, Joann the retired woman, Joey, John/Chris, Homeland Security, the two Cindy's, Kristen, and especially Grant and Leia. Poor Grant will have that song embedded in his persona the rest of his life.

Name: Deena
From: Baltimore, MD

We, a party of six, went to see you yesterday at Sully's. Wanted to tell you that you're great! Had a whole lot of fun. Not only are you funny as hell, you're a gifted and talented musician. You have so much energy and keep the audience on their toes! Keep on doing what you do SO incredibly well and we'll see you again real soon!

Name: Robert Hooe
From: Halethorpe, MD

I love this mans show, he will bust your sides and if you see him once you will never forget him. He is among the best!

Name: June Villareal-Chiqui Penny

From: Brooklyn, NY

I STILL to this very day haven't laughed as hard as when I saw you in the early 90's at Toppers Comedy Club in Brooklyn... My makeup was literally all over my face from crying and the next day, my ribs killed me when I breathed in...I probably fractured them from laughing so much!!! I have seen MANY comics in my day and you have to be the BEST and MOST memorable one!!!! Thank you!!!!

Name: Anne Marie Tyla
From: Cranford, NJ

Wonderful! You were the BEST comedian that I EVER saw in person! Hysterical...My sides felt like they were going to split open.

Name: Fred Packard
From: Havre de Grace, MD

I initially hired Paul about 16 years ago for a fundraiser for our fire company. He was such a hit that we brought him back many times. Always a sell-out, he makes fundraising a cinch. I cannot recommend him any higher. No one else compares!


Name: Larry & Irene Unger
From: Centereach, NY

As usual, a wonderful show last night in Ronkonkoma. You are such a multi-talented performer. Just a joy to see you. Not only do Irene and I enjoy you but all the people we bring with us to each show feel like that they will make in their pants from laughing so much. Everyone in the audience was appreciating you as much as we did. For as many times as we have seen you, it is like you get better and better. A joy to see you and call you our friend. A special thank you for singing the song that Roy stole from you.(lol) Thank you for a wonderful evening of enjoyment.

Name: Jimmy Delson
From: Bricktown, NJ

My wife and I went to a comedy show with a few friends the other night without knowing who was on the bill, as we do from time to time. We never heard of you or saw you before so we didn't know what to expect, plus there weren't many people at the show due to bad weather. Well, let me just say what we experienced was nothing less than spectacular!! A 2 hour show in which we laughed so hard much that I hurt today. The small amount of people who attended didn't stop you from giving us everything that you had and it was so appreciated...most comics would have just gone through the motions but you didn't! We are so glad that we went and can't wait to see you again and bring all of our friends to experence 'The Comedy Tornado' for themselves. THANK YOU!!!

Name: Don Fredricks
From: New Jersey

Funniest live show ever. For those who don't know, go see Paul live, if you dare. My wife took me to his show 5 years ago. The man is the best comic live ever! Trust me he controls a crowd better than Dice or any comic I've ever seen, hands down!

Name: Annette Georgios
From: Hightstown, NJ

Wow! What a show! I have heard about you before but never saw your show..Wow, is all I can say...multi talented man..unreal. I hated the show to end, you left us all wanting more. Steve, the Owner of Sarcasm Comedy Club, told me I was in for a good one...oh so right. I am "Blanche" from "The Golden Girls", the table that was high on life...(*_*) earned lots of new fans last nite!!

Name: Will Fern

From: Morris Plains, NJ

Thanks again for a great night at Tiff's in Morris Plains. You're incredible! Totally loved every minute. So damn were a total pro. Hope to see you again before too long.

Name: Larry & Irene Unger
From: Centereach, NY

As always, you are a one of a kind great performer. You have the ability to keep people laughing for as long as your show lasts. Never get tired of seeing you and never get tired of laughing from start to finish. When you sing 'You Got It', it is very appreciated by myself and Irene. After 45 years of being married and singing the words to Irene, 'Anything you want, You got it', always puts a smile on Irene's face. Thanks to you, 1 point for me. As many times as we have seen you we still never stop laughing. The sound of the laughter from all the people all night long proves my point. You are so appreciated and respected for the work you do. You really are a class A act. Thank you for the smiles and laughter you put in our lives.

Name: June Villarreal-Chiqui Penny
From: New York, NY

I saw your standup in the early 90's and I swear this is the truth...I laughed so hard, I literally peed(just a little) AND I also cracked a rib(true story) from laughing! Since that night I don't EVER remember laughing that hard.

Name: Craig Newell
From: Long Beach Island, NJ

Excellent show! Brilliant comedian. My only complaint is my cheekbone muscles were hurting from smiling for 2 1/2 hours and my wife is complaining that her abs hurt from laughing too much. My friends I brought with me have similar complaints. One friend is a lawyer and he says I may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Name: Richard & Sandy Nashmy
From: Toms River, NJ

Phenomenal show last night!! You were awesome as always!! We all had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard!!! Have fun tonight!! Tell Miss NJ I'll call her next week!!

Name: Maryellen Maglione
From: Seaside Heights, NJ

Hi Paul, I hope all is well in your life. I have to tell you, while my son and I were displaced because of Sandy for 5 months, we would put your dvd in my laptop and laugh till our sides hurt. It helped us in so many ways, to forget what was going on in Seaside and surrounding areas where we have very close friends who were also affected. Thanks for your talent in making others laugh.

Name: Robin Ezeir-Rosenthal
From: Staten Island, NY

You are definitely the most funniest and very, very talented comedian we have EVER seen and you proved that on Friday night at The Looney Bin Comedy Club Fundraiser. Your performance was fantastic, non-stop laughter from beginning till end!! You had us rolling for over 2!

Name: Ronnie Dark
From: Syracuse, NY

You can quote me on this..."In the 36 years I have been on this rock I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did at the Auburn Public Theater! Paul you are an amazing entertainer! His show is a MUST SEE!"

Name: Patti McKeen Fellows
From: Syracuse, NY

You rock Paul Venier!! Great show at The Auburn Public Theater last night. Everyone loved you! My cheeks!


Name: Jerry 'Jazz' Brown
From: Toms River, NJ

Best night ever! I laughed my skinny, old ass-off! Thanks so very much Paul Venier!

Name: Peter Mack
From: Auburn, NY

Paul was perfect on and off the stage. Incredible talent! My employees said it was the best party that we've ever had because of him. I will hire him again!!


Name: Vinnie DeSerio
From: Manahawkin, NJ

Hey Paul, you did an OUTSTANDING job the other night at The Bayville Elks! You are like the Allman Brothers of comedy, You go on & on & on for hours & never miss a beat! It took 20 plus years for our paths to cross again, but they did! I will see you along the way...Keep Them Laughing my Friend!

Name: Karen Meade
From: Monroe Township, NJ

Thanks Paul. You were the hit of the night! My co-workers are still talking about the show today. We made such a great choice in choosing you to entertain for our corporate show for The Toll Brothers Awards Show Banquet. Thanks again!

Name: Judy Veccia
From: Centereach, NY

My husband Gene (fix the mustache) and I were invited to see your show last night by our friends Larry(eat the pretzels) and his wife Irene. We have never laughed so hard for such an extended period of time. I checked out your tour page and it appears you will not be making a return trip to Long Island for some time. Please let us know if that changes, We would love to bring some friends and family to enjoy your humor as much as we did. Thanks again for a great night!


Name: Matt Mlotkiewicz
From: Toms River, NJ

What an amazing show last night. I never laughed that much in my life. You really are a one man Comedy Tornado! Cant wait for the next one.

Name: Jeff Morris
From: Pennsylvania

PV- Great to see your show again last Friday night! You were as amazing as ever! I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to throw up. Thanks for everything.

Name: Margaret Morris
From: Jackson, NJ

Aaron and I wanted to thank you so very much for the amazing memories you made possible for us on Saturday celebrating his 50th birthday. Everyone is still talking and laughing about the night. You are amazing!!!! Really, you are!!!! Our party would not have been such a huge success if not for you. Writing this e-mail I am wearing a huge smile just thinking about how much fun we all had that evening because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We look forward to catching you at one of your local shows over the summer. We're going to try and recruit most of the people from the party, as well as encourage them to bring out their friends to come along for a guaranteed night of laughs. Paul, I can't thank you enough for making it a perfect birthday celebration for Aaron!!!!

Name: Harry Smith
From: Bergen County, NJ

Just wanted to take this time to tell you what a great experience I had at the Salty Dog Band Reunion concert. You guys sounded great and it looked like you were all having a good time up there. I left during the last song. Had to work Monday and was concerned about driving. Imagine - 30 years ago, that was not even a consideration! ha ha I'm sure I would have enjoyed the Q & A session. I ordered a DVD - not sure if they filmed the Q & A, but just seeing the performance again makes me excited for it's arrival. Paul - Just so moved by you as a person. I'm nothing to you but a superfan of Salty Dog & your solo career, yet everytime I see you, you make me feel like a million bucks and I thank you for that. You are a class act, a great guy and deserve every ounce of success you have. I will be watching for your North Jersey appearances and hopefully see you soon...Thanks Again!!

Name: Mary Jane Desmond
From: Bayonne, NJ

You are brilliant and certainly live up to your moniker of "Tornado" with your rapid fire ad libbing!! We had a blast, told lots of people and now everyone is checking out your website and looking for your next GIG!!! It was a great show and we hope to see you again real soon.

Name: My Favorite Sister Joanie
From: Port Orange, FL

I guess after all the years of tormenting me finally paid off for you...ahahahah...congratulations my favorite brother on your award!! Mom and Dad are looking down and I can hear them now; Mom: He marches to a different drum, John. Dad: No, Terry, he hears a whole damn orchestra!!

Name: Nick
From: Westwood, NJ
I had a blast last night. You are, no doubt, one of the funniest people I've ever seen...can't wait to see you again!

Name: Chuck Ivey
From: Baltimore, MD

Awesome Show!! Paul put on a 2.5 hour non stop show that was one laugh after another. Thanks for a great night out. Look forward to your return to Sully’s in Carney, MD.

Name: Kenny Vasquez
From:Point Pleasant, NJ

Hey, my friend!! You've had the Mister Natural Award since day one!! Congrats!! Never, ever have you failed to make me choke laughing!! & thank you for that! A true Pisser!! Everyone of my friends( both) & family(whoever they are) truly feel the same! Great job, much deserved buddy!! Yes, Donna too!!

Name: Gary Delena
From: Point Pleasant, NJ

Paul, I gotta tell you, on your award, there is no one more deserving or more hard working in the biz. Your shows are...wait for it...LEGENDARY. I'm proud to have shared the stage with you, back in the day at the Headliner and at Rascals. have a lovely family. You rock.

Name: Norman Wilson
From: Harrisburgh, PA

Congrats on your award to the most deserving man in show business...This guy gave me time on stage when I really hadn't earned it yet...he is my role model as far as comedy goes, and the funniest man I know...MAJOR CONGRATS Paul Venier, you deserve this more than anyone I know!

Name: Sheilah Powell
From: South River, NJ

You may remember me...I was the obnoxiously drunk girl at the South River Fundraiser Show.(very embarrassing, btw) Well my mom passed and she LOVED you. You even shouted her name out one tme in Pt. Pleasant. Just wanted to let you know that you brought joy to our last family outing, even though I don't remember

Name: Kathy Sturzione Esposito
From: Toms River, NJ

Wow...what a show Friday night! Tony & I went home and we were so exhausted from laughing so much our sides REALLY hurt & my jaws hurt so much...but as always, the tornado delivers!

Name: Bob Gross
From: Pleasant Hall, PA

We had the pleasure to see you in Pleasant Hall, PA at which time you became our new favorite comedian of all comedians! Your genius talent and 'over the top laugh a second' act is what convinced us you are the King of the art form for us! You made the energy in the room unstoppable. Thank you for the privilege and the laughter! May you rock on and live long prosperously; you certainly earn it!!

Name: Krystal Picard
From: Bradley Beach, NJ

Thank you for the laughs tonight at Howard Johnson' I laughed so hard and for so long that I got an ab work out and my face hurts from smiling hahaa. Hope to see ya 4/29 or some time in the near future!

Name: Darlene & Steve Reinis (S & R Images)
From: Cherry Hill, NJ

I have never laughed so hard!!! Each and everytime Steve watches the video he finds more to laugh at.. you are a very funny man. We are telling everyone we see about you. Looking forward to seeing you ya!!!

Name: Cheryl L. Peiffer
From: Deptford, NJ

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we enjoyed your performance at the VFW Fundraiser in good ol’ Gibbstown, NJ on Saturday night. I think everyone that attended just had a great time. After all, laughter is the best medicine and you provided a large dose of it. I know that everyone in my group had a blast. Thanks again for your contribution to the world of comedy. You still are the Comedy Tornado and I don’t know how you have the energy after all these years. God Bless You!!

Name: Christine Harrison-Thomas
From: Sewel, NJ

What an amazing show! I haven't laughed that hard in years!

From: Chuck & Mary
From: Baltimore, MD

Thanks for a wonderful night out with the wife. We haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Your 2½ hour show seemed like minutes. We look forward to your return to Baltimore. Thanks again.

Name: Mindy Robinson
From: Primos, PA

My friend Jim and I saw you this past Friday night at Sully's Comedy Cellar in Carney, MD. I've seen you several other times over the years and have laughed myself silly each time. One really nice thing about your shows is that everyone gets to know everyone else through the way you include them in the act. So when we were leaving, I was able to say, "Hey, you're Don (Europe/Asia) and Claudette! I'm the lunch lady!" and we were able to stand around and talk about the show. I also thought the Q&A at the end of the show was a blast, and it was great getting to know more about you. Thanks for the laughs!!

Name: Wendy Cavazos
From: Ronkonkoma, NY

Just wanted to say what an amazing job you did the other night at the Holiday Inn Ronkonkoma NY...11779, lol. This was my 2nd time seeing you and I can't wait to see your show again. I was lucky enough to not get picked on this time but let me tell you, Tommy is still sweating! All my friends are still talking about what a great time they had Saturday! Best wishes!!

Name: John Ryan
From: Budd Lake, NJ

As usual, rave reviews and another successful fundraiser for The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Thank you for all you do! Keep rocking!

Name: Chip Kennedy
From: St. Marys, PA

One of the funniest shows Ive been to in years! This guy is flat out FUNNY. If you ever get a chance to see his show, do it. You will not be disappointed...Lots of yucks. As quick on his feet as Robin Williams!

Name: Elena & Warren
From: Lakewood, NJ

We were at your show Friday night at the Lakewood Country Club and we loved your show! I just have to say 'Thank You' for making us laugh. That morning we had to take our son to the Air Force base...he left for Afghanistan and I cried all morning having to say goodbye to him. So I just want to say thank you again. You made us laugh so much that you got our minds off of him for a while. Warren saw you about 25 years ago and said you are still so funny!!!!

Name: Eric M. Swanick
From: Point Pleasant, NJ

We were at your show last night at Uncle Vinnie's. I have to tell you that your standup is beyond what anyone could expect! We had so much fun and laughed non-stop. The way you pull the entire audience into the show is great. The audience participation and what you do with it creates a blowout laughfest!! Also, your talent in other areas, such as music, is obvious, not to mention the photographic memory. We are planning on coming again. This time we are going to bring our kids and their dates! Thank you for a fantastic evening and memory. We had so much fun.

Name: Robert Shulman
From: Cherry Hill, NJ

Congratulations on your nomination for 'Best Comedy Variety Act' by the LA Comedy Awards. Hands down you are the greatest entertainer since Sammy Davis Jr.

Name: Irene & Larry Unger
From: Centereach, NY

Congratulations on your nomination for best comedy act. They should have just asked Irene and I and we would have told them hands down you are the best comedy variety act. Also congratulations on the success of your song. I still think Roy Orbison stole your song"You got it." Wishing you all the success possible.

Name: Frank Brescher
From: Morris County, NJ

This is too damned far over due. Many years ago (somewhere in the dark ages) I was involved with the Boy Scouts (Morris County Council) and you performed for a dinner we had at a restaurant. I will say without a question you presented what had to be the number one evening of laughter I have ever experienced. Your hanging around the bar and identifying the people by table set my table into laughter like I had not heard before. These are usually reserved people. So now, many years after and having spent entertaining evenings in Vegas, in cabarets, and on cruise ships, nothing compared to that evening of laughter with you. Paul, I wish you only the best and continued successes. Laughter, particularly today, is difficult to come by, but the memory of that evening still brings smiles to my face!!

Name: Patti LaRaia
From: Bricktown, NJ

Your show at Howard Johnson's, Toms River, was the best...we laughed for 3 hours. You truly are the best!!

Name: Tony Guarino
From: Alpha, NJ

We had a great time at the Alpha Fire House show. It was the first time for me seeing your act. I was very impressed! You're a very talented guy. I was amazed that you can remember everyone's name. I have a hard time remembering my own, that's why I have it tattooed on my arm. It's pretty funny that it took your show to actually find out what some of my friends do for a living. Who would have thought that Jim was a chemist!! Anyway, great show, looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for helping us raise money for the Liners program.

Name: Janet Torres
From: Phillipsburgh, NJ

Just wanted to tell you that you were great at the Fundraiser for Parkinson's Disease for John Ryan. I know you couldn't tell if my Frank was laughing or not but he really enjoyed your show. Thank you, you are very gifted.

Name: Joe
From: High Bridge, NJ

I was at your Fundraiser Show in High Bridge on Friday night (Joey, front row, I was waitin' outside for you after da show). What a great time. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. People around town are still talking about it today. To anyone else reading this, HIRE THIS MAN to do a show. He's great!!

Name: Robert Newell
From: Farmingville, NY

I have been meaning to sit down and send you an email. As I said the night of the show, for years Frank had asked to have you perform and I am so glad we did. Your show is outstanding!! Everyone has talked about it for days since. Your energy is amazing and your memory is outstanding!!!! The best part is we raised close to $4,000 that night for the team (L.I. Hurricanes), which will go a long way to help the girls - once we find where in New Jersey we have to go LOL !! I look forward to seeing you again when you are back on Long Island.

Name: Bill VonGlahn
From: Toms River, NJ

Thank you for the great show last night at Howard Johnson's. Me, the wife and the six kids had a blast. WOW three hours of pure fun. Our kids saw you for the first time and said it was the best. Keep up the great work and we will see you again soon.


Name: Richard Greene
From: Toms River, NJ

Just saw you tonite...Loved the show. I was the guy with the fake mustache, with the rest of the family; Kathy, Bill and the 6 kids (two twins a year apart). Loved it! I have recommended you to my 500 friends. Thanks for a great night out... And Music to boot! You da man!


Name: Laurie Leone Oister
From: Howell, NJ

Amazing show Friday night @ The Nitro's Soccer Fundraiser! I laughed so hard it hurt! We continued laughing the whole way home! So talented!! Hope to see you in June @ Uncle Vinnies! Yes, we stalked your website to see when we could catch you again. Oh, and thanks for the animated nickname!!! My husband is loving it!

Name: Bill Babik
From: St. Mary's, PA

You were unbelievable last Saturday night @ The Ice Garden. We drove about 3 hours to see you in order to get an idea how your show will be for our upcoming November event in St Marys, PA. Boy were we really glad we made the trip!! WHAT A SHOW!!. FANTASTICO!! BRAVO!!. We are really looking forward to your visit to North Central PA!! Can’t wait for November 5!! Thank you for all the smiles and laughs!

Name: Renae Billow
From: St. Mary's, PA

I was at your Belle Vernon show...WOW was it GREAT!! I will never forget the 'last supper' painting & The way you come up with jokes at a moments notice is SPECTACULAR!! Just like the Monopoly Man, I also had the Dat-da-da song stuck in my head. I will be at your Nov 5 show in St. Mary’s and can’t wait to see you again. I’m counting down the days

Name: Don Seroka
From: Belle Vernon, PA

Hey, it's the 'Monopoly Man' here. Great show at the Rostraver Ice Garden, brother. I laughed so hard I got a headache. Cant wait till you get back in the area, my friends had a great time and we will definitely be there when you come back. By the way, I had that stupid song, (Dat-Da-Da) running through my head all night and I couldn't fall asleep. Thanks for


Name: Wendy Wagner DiGiovanni
From: Howell, NJ

GREAT show Friday night at the Nitro Soccer Fundraiser...hysterical! Hubby said his face hurt from laughing so hard...The Fake Waitress from Pi Cafe (where we don't sell pies!)

Name: Mark Ventura
From: Freehold, NJ

I have to tell you, I never laughed as hard in my life as when I saw fact, I almost required medical attention!! I was laughing so hard I got the hiccups and actually had to step out of the show. Yeah, you made a nice joke of me

Name: Mark Caprioni
From: New Brunswick, NJ

I have been waiting to see you again. I saw you about 6 yrs ago in Long Branch with some friends. We had a blast. Everytime I go to a comedy club, I put your name down for them to have you at their comedy place. It was a nice treat to get down to Pt. Pleasant to Uncle Vinnie's. I got a group of friends together there. Thanks for the lots of laughs! omg! I actually was coming down with a sore throat that night, but I still was laughing soooo hard it hurt...but I didn't care! Your show is very funny! Love the costumes too!


Name: Vtio F. Cardinale
From: Jackson, NJ

Wow, what a great show! Paul you are a gift to many people, especially those who are experiencing difficult times, its 2hrs of forget the F'in world...This guy is a piss! You're always welcome at our hall. Thanks for coming.


Name: Jerry Cammarata
From: NYC, NY

In a word - GREAT! Diane Casey and I enjoyed every minute of it. You didn't know it, however, I am a Speech/Language Pathologist. You reminded me of the speech work I must do with Diane!! Spontaneous and well orchestrated. I know it is rough when you don't have a stage crew but you handled it! Thank God I have an enlarged Prostate - I didn't pee my pants the whole night!

Name: Denise & Joe
From: Wilbraham, MA

My husband and I saw you Saturday night, Nov 6, at the City Stage Theater in Springfield, Mass. We thought you were hysterically funny, I could not wipe the smile off my face, even after we arrived home. You are a great performer, your physical comedy is outstanding! It is our opinion that you have a wonderful voice, especially singing! We would travel to see you perform again man, anytime, anywhere! We needed a night out sooooooooooooo bad and you delivered. Thanks for your funnyness.

Name: Larry & Irene Unger
From: Centereach, NY

Seeing you Last Sat night 10/2 was even better than the last time I saw you. Your New Jersey show was great which, I have come to expect of you. Our friends(monopoly man and his wife) are making plans to bring their friends to see you again. You are a class act. Two days later I can still hear the laughter from the audience. You and my granddaughter have something in common; each time you are seen it gets better and better!

Name: Ruthi & Steve Grabowski
From: Seaside Heights, NJ

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! We had such a wonderful time Friday night at Luna Rosa at your show, and as I said to Steven, after all of these years of coming to see you, we still laugh as hard as if it was the very first time. Between my granddaughter having the non-curable kidney disease, my 7 week old grandson born with some medical issues, and my own medical issues, which is a book in itself, all I can say is, you are just what the Good Lord ordered for me, because as you saw for yourself I had a great time, and you took all of my problems away. Thank you again for everything...We Love You!!

Name: Lorraine
From: Sun Valley, CA

GREAT, GREAT SHOW TONIGHT!! I had SUCH a FABULOUS time...laughed my A** off. Who knew I had to fly 3000 miles to have such a good laugh! Maybe I'll get to see you when you come West sometime...keep'em laughing, Paul!

Name: Larry & Irene
From: Centereach, NY

As always, you put on a great show tonight in Ronkonkoma N.Y. You have a super ability to keep the audience laughing all night long. A very special talent to be able to not only be good but have people laughing for 2 hours non stop. Have seen you many times with my wife Irene and when the show is over Irene and I say to each other, "He is great and always a pleasure to see him. We needed a laugh and Paul always gives us that". We get our monies worth when we see you. All the best to you and THANKS FOR THE LAUGHTER.

Name: Pete & Kathy
From: Barnegat, NJ

We were at the show last night at Mariners Lodge in Barnegat. The show was awesome, we laughed till it hurt! P.S. Kathy says the kids were fine after all...LOL.

Name: Renee, Janet, Jim & Bruce
From: Vineland & Rosenhayn, NJ

Saw you last night at the Hammonton Fire Company Fundraiser. This was the second time I saw your show and you amaze me every just get funnier and funnier. I will keep checking your tour dates and will certainly show up for the next one in the area!! I am now your senior citizen Great Entertainment! THANK YOU!

Name: The Vispisiano's
From: Seaside Hts. & Hammonton, NJ

WE were at your show at The Hammonton Fire House Fundraiser last nite!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! As always and through the years you are THE BEST!!!! Please keep us laughing and singing along!!! Look forward to seeing you soon!! Blessings...

Name: George Russonello
From: Staten Island, NY

I just saw you at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club on Staten Island, NY. I think your quick wit is fantastic! When I do that, friends get mad or don't get it! It's great how you remember everyone's names in your set. Thanks for a great night of laughs. It was a good time birthday for me and my friends!

Name: Eric & Diane
From: Toms River, NJ

I took my girl friend to your show at HoJo's on Friday night. I saw you once before about 10 years ago and have been wanting to get back and she loves to see comedy. You did not disappoint. We have been recalling different things you did and laughing all day. We are looking to take her step mother to your show in Keyport, she will love it. You are so quick and original that it's amazing and genius to watch you work the room. Life is a challenge and we both work in the health care field and we see too much tragedy...Thanks for making us laugh and letting us escape for a few hours! You need to be on TV!! Thanks again for a great night!

Name: KK
From: Berkeley, NJ

Saw your show last night at Luna Rosa in Seaside Heights for the first time in 20 years. I first saw you at Shooters in Holmdel during the 80's. You are still funny and lightning quick. I had a great time with my girlfriends, I never laughed so hard. And a three hour show, you were great. That poor guy Carl, Seal and Jimmy were good sports, but you ripped them mercilessly...(not a complaint)...just funny. Highly recommend for a great nite out.

Name: Debbie, Craig, Stu & Elyse
From: Toms River, NJ

Just wanted to let you know that our friends and my husband and I loved your show at the Howard Johnson's for New Year's Eve. We never laughed so hard...continuously for 3 hours. You are a comic genius and an accomplished musician. It was a great night!!!! We are looking forward to seeing your show at a later date. (The last time we saw you was about 25 years ago in Lavallette...I don't know why it took so long to reconnect) Happy New Year!

Name: David Boone (President, Fair Lawn PBA #67)
From: Fair Lawn, NJ

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for an excellent show this year. Everyone is still talking about it, and laughing about your show. THEY LOVED IT! I can't tell you how many of my members said it was our best annual dinner yet. Thank you for making it such a great success!

Name: Ethel
From: Rosenhayn, NJ

Saw you this past Friday at the Moose Lodge in Vineland, NJ for the Fundraiser. Just wanted you to know you put on a fantastic show. This was the first time I saw you and it will not be the last. You are the perfect one-man show, still laughing today. Keep making people laugh and hope to see you again soon.


Name: Renee
From: Vineland, NJ

Saw your show last night for The Vineland H.S. Girl's Tennis Fundraiser for the 1st time. It definitely will not be the last. I have never laughed so hard - can't believe what a quick wit you have and multi talented - Still laughing the next day whenever I thought of some of your shtick.

Name: Bill Wellman
From: Bridgewater, NJ

You are truly a unique Jersey talent..back still hurting from laughter non-stop....words and quips actually came too fast for me at times...Super energy demonstated and the variety of humor was certainly impressive. Loved the "Elvis" bit the best plus a huge fan of Donna Summers bit...long live disco......You could do a "gig" on the 70,s?..Imagine the clothing options?...all


Name: Mike Cigler
From: Somerville, NJ

Holy Crap, I am exhausted from laughing so friggin hard last night at the Somerville Elks Fundraiser Show. Thanks for a great night of comedy!

Name: Kathy Cooper
From: Somerville, NJ

Just saw your your show tonight at the Somerville Elks and loved it. When my husband laughs so hard that he can't breathe, always a pleasure...just kidding. LOVED THE MUSIC TOO! Your energy and committment are quite obvious. We totally loved your show and Little Elvis did him in. Maybe I'll get lucky! Thank you.

Name: 'Kenny' & JoAnn
From: Lacey Township, NJ

Now that James Brown is no longer with us, you should now have the title of "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business"! We absolutely enjoyed the show at the Lacey Elks...(even though I really don't look like Kenny Rogers!) Keep 'em rolling in the aisles're a great talent!

Name: Laura Conway
From: N. Babylon, NY

I just wanted to tell you that I think you are truly one of a kind. It takes a lot to make me laugh and I could not stop laughing when I saw you two years ago at my friend’s birthday party. We are ready to see your show again tonight at the Gateway and are bringing our friends with us to see you. You have a remarkable talent not only in remembering all the people in the audience, but also your quick wit and musical talent. Looking forward to more laughs tonight!

Name: Pat Alder & Dave Swirn
From: New Paltz, NY

Again, another fabulous fun performance at Bananas in Poughkeepsie!! You had us laughing from the start and we are still laughing...and we aren't in bed yet, either. Ping! Thank you for the best wishes and the advice. Chances are we'll see you again and this time Dave will wear something as outlandish. (that madras jacket he wore tonight is 30 years old) Thanks for coming to the Hudson Valley.


Name: Robert & Vicky Lieberman
From: Syracuse, NY

Gotta "hand" it to you - you had us in stitches and tears of laughter in last night's Syracuse show. I haven't laughed that "hard" and for "so long" in years. Your fast paced antics, memory and wit are memorable and awesomely remarkable. I also marvelled at your comedic musicality, timing, and talent! Hope you had a safe drive home.


Name: Jeff Farley
From: Bayonne, NJ

Thank you for yet another great, wonderful show. You never cease to amaze me with your quick wit and musical talent. I'm so glad we got to know each other and I just love bringing you into Bayonne...Hope to see you soon....

Name: Neal Girandola
From: Allentown, NJ

Just wanted to shoot you a note to say what a fantastic show you put on for our first comedy night at LaPiazza in Allentown, NJ. I have been getting calls and messages from the sold out crowd about a night they will never forget due to your performance. They are still laughing about your show. Thanks for making me look good and I look forward to working together again.


Name: David Adamsbaum
From:Budd Lake, NJ

Great show last night at Sneaky Pete's! Yes, I'm THAT David! First time I saw you, and have to tell you, that it was a nonstop laughfest! So much so, that myself, and Elvin's wife both were hoarse (ok...what joke will you make of that) and lost most of our voices from all the laughter! Just what we need these days! Thanks so much for a great show!! Will be seeing you again soon!

Name: Matt & Diane Guesto
From: Emerald, PA

My wife and I watched you in action at the Emerald Fundraiser Show this past weekend and she was very much afraid to get up and go to the ladies room during your act. For both not wanting to miss anything and the other, not to be the focal point of having to go. I laughed hard with and at her for that (Did I say that out loud?)…I am still trying to find that little “dittie” you played all through the show so I can play it to have a few laughs again. Yet there is no Sacred cow at your show, as all were the focal point of the laughter that you brought to the stage. What amazes me the most is that you spoke with at least 40 or more people during your act and were able to go and pick one out and remember their name and occupation. “I can’t remember what the hell I did yesterday.” So anyone else reading this should be aware that once Paul starts his routine, you better be ready for a 2+ hours of nonstop bombarding of jokes and music. He never hit the same spot twice…What a Very Talented musician and comedian. We hope to see your show again!!

Name: Mark Wehr
From: Emerald, PA

Just saw your Fundraiser Show for The Lion's Club at the Emerald Fire Co and I thought it was great. I had seen you about 6 years ago and you haven't lost a step.

Name: Deb Kaczmar
From: Emerald, PA

Loved the show...haven't laughed that much since I looked in the mirror. So glad Dave & Karla Koziel told me about you. Will come see you again! You must drink an awful lot of energy drinks. I don't know how you can do have more energy than a child. Thanks so much. I really needed to laugh.


Name: Steve & Karen
From: Cedarhurst, NY

All we can say is that we awoke today with sore jaws & cheeks...Thanks for the super entertainment at Mother Kelly's in Cedarhurst.


Name: Darlene Metzler
From: Barnegat, NJ

It was great to see you at the Barnegat Firehouse on the 7th of February. I only wish the rest of the fire fighter's that were there, who never saw you before, could have seen the show. Unfortunately, as you know, we had to run out for an emergency call we got at the beginning of your show. The few that stayed behind, that are on the injured list, loved you and said they never laughed so hard. You always have a great show, but wished my daughter and her boyfriend, could have seen the entire show also. We had a show of our own to do, so to speak. Mike and I have checked the next time that you are in the area. We are going to have those who missed out on that show, come to the next show with us. You always have us laughing, and put on a great show every time we get to see you. Take care and See you soon!

Name: Donna Manno
From: Barnegat, NJ

The Thank You goes to you!! You were awesome, people were laughing from the time you started 'till you ended your show. I don't know how you do it, but your quick wit and timing are amazing. Wish there were more people there to appreciate the good time, but next year it will be a full house!! The mayor also sent an email saying what a great time he had, but then again, if someone doesn't have a good time at your show, it's their own fault!! You are truly a gifted entertainer! Thanks again - see you soon!!

Name: Luke McCann
From: Toms River, NJ

I was a first timer at your show last Friday at Howard Johnson's. I still can't stop thinking about the great time I (we) all had. I also don't believe that you put on such a long show. Most acts dont last for more than an hour. We all definitely got our moneys worth. All I have to say is that I plan on seeing you again soon. Thanks for the great laughs.

Name: Jerry Miller
From: Grove City, PA

Paul, thanks for a great show once again for the Grove City Volunteer Fire Department. You are truely, THE COMEDY TORNADO!

Name: Chris Sorge
From: Gainesville, VA

I think Paul was a huge success at our American Singles Golf Outing. He was a great sport on our “Beat the Comedian” competition, and he even beat 16 of our golfers. He mingled with the group during the cocktail hour and joined us for dinner and then he gave a great show. He also helped to MC our little awards ceremony. Afterwards he stayed and played some music and offered to stay as long as folks wanted to dance. After the event I received several compliments about Paul and his show, so I know everyone enjoyed having him there. Thanks so much!


Name: Chris
From: Toms River, NJ

Paul, I've seen you 3 times now and you never get old man, never get old......You prove time and time again that you dont have to a have filthy mouth to make people laugh!....Great show at the Holiday Inn in Toms River last week!!!!!!!


Name: Patti
From: Elbridge, NY

I am soooooooo excited to see that you're coming back to Syracuse NY at WiseGuys Comedy Club in January. I will be there!!! You were a riot the last time I saw you and of course you chose me as one of your "victims" in the audience. You make it so much fun. See you in January!!!


Name: Frann Howard
From: Lakehurst, NJ

I just wanted to Thank you for an awesome time! Your show was great. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Bobby's 50th was better than his 40th. I never did get the chance to tell about that one. To get him to his 40th party he thought he was the entertainment at a children's party. So he shows up at his own party dressed as a clown. Yep, it was funny, complete with red nose and giant shoes!!! But, I must say this time you ruled!!! I was getting calls the next day from guests telling me what a great time they had, and it was all because of you. And Thank you for giving Bobby your DVD. My family is in love with you (lol). My sister and sister-in-law are planning the next party for you to perform at. This party will be the talk of the hospital. Thanks again.


Name: Phyllis, George, Christian & Lisa
From: Farmington, NJ

Your show Saturday night at the Farmington Firehouse was fabulous. We really enjoyed it! Probably one of the best comedy shows I have ever seen! Just wanted to say thanks for a great evening of fun and laughter.


Name: Jerry
From: Brielle, NJ

Paul, what a fun night as always. We were the big group in the left corner at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club. Some in our group had never seen you before and others had not seen you since the 80's and my wife and I have seen you in the 80's, 90's and twice in the last three years. All of our friends could not stop laughing all night. They all thanked me for setting up the night. I just wanted to thank you for doing a non stop show again and remembering all those names and jobs and zips..... you are the best!!!

Name: JoJo
From: Toms River, NJ

Paul, What a fun night! You are just AMAZING! I don't know how many times I have seen you, but I am always holding my mouth from laughing so hard! I don't know how you do it, but every show, no matter how many times you have heard the jokes, it is always fresh and funny.. People at my table were going, "How does he remember all that stuff!!" Thanks Paul for a fun evening and, thank you for donating your time for this great organization I am now working for! We had so much fun last night!!

Name: Irene
From: Centereach, NY

Okay here's the deal. Move back to Long Island and move in with Larry and me. I have a lovely unfinished basement for you to live in (zip 11720), and I will give you all my money if you will just make me laugh forever. You have the gift, my friend. I laugh from the moment I see you and don't stop for a long time. I'm still laughing in the car, and before I fall asleep I think of you and roar. What a gift! I don't think one person walks out without a big smile. You got my brother good, and he enjoyed himself totally. Joy gave me thumbs up and thanked me for bringing them. Little Elvis is hysterical...I think he's new to the show, although I did see you and Elvis on youtube, but not in person. I'm laughing right now, just thinking of your head in the split of the curtain... lolol. I told Karen she missed your best show because you gave more than the 200% you said you gave it ALL. Thank you so much for being you and for sharing your gift of laughter with us all.


Name: Larry Unger
From: Ronkonkoma, NY

Your show last night in Ronkonkoma NY was fantasic and unbelievable. Loved the way you worked my unexpected brother in law over. We had great laughs at his expense. He promises to get even with Irene. Just amazing how you give every ounce of your energy into a show. Every person who sees you knows they got their money's worth and each time I see you your show gets funnier and funnier. You are a super funny man. My future sister in law said she would like to go to Egypt for their honeymoon. Do you know the zip code in Egypt?? $4.29 a gallon for gas. $50.00 for dinner. Seeing your show....priceless.

Name: Lawrence Brokate
From: Toms River, NJ
I first caught your act at the Old School Inn in Lavallete in the early 80's and I've been a fan ever since. I saw you at the Catti Brown Fundraiser in Pleasant Plains this past Saturday and my face still hurts from laughing. I know that if I saw your act this coming week that I'd laugh just as hard because you never see the same show twice due to your interaction with the audience members. Thanks for a great night!


Name: Chris Aldrich
From: Pleasant Plains, NJ
As always, it has been an extreme pleasure working with you for our Caiti Brown Fundraiser at our firehouse. You are truly professional, a gentleman to deal with off the stage and on stage you are a comedic genius. Thank you for your continued community support of the Pleasant Plains Fire Department. Your efforts allowed us to raise around $4000.00 for the Brown family. Without you, Bob Gonzo, & Matthew Broderick, this would have not been possible. Once again, thanks for the effort and the LAUGHS! See you soon.


Name: Blair
From: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
MGreat show last night at Bananas! Loved the props. You have a wonderful comedic sense of timing & an incredibly fast mind. You connect great with the audience. Would see you again in a heart beat!!!


Name: Guy Garrett

From: Vineland, NJ

Paul rules!! My wife and I could not stop laughing every time you did the kids calling DADDY. All of my wife's co-workers keep laughing at/with me when I see them. We will send all our friends your schedule so we can all die laughing!!!

Name: Stephen Motil

From: Nuremberg, PA

On behalf of the members of the Nuremberg/Weston Volunteer Fire Company, we would like to thank you for an action packed Saturday night. You really had the audience on their feet. You made this fundraiser what it was! It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks for the good laughs. Stay Safe!


Name: Paulette Geofroy

From: Chelmsford, MA

Paul Venier was fantastic at our corporate party for Long Term Pharmacy Solutions. My guests were hysterical all night, into the next day at work. He was well prepared but not rehearsed. He waited until we were done with our raffles before he left the stage and I thought that was very polite. I would definitely recommend him. His improv and his name recall was astonishing and impressive. Nobody could get over it.


Name: Chris Storms

From: Baltimore, MD

Paul did an AWESOME job at our corporate party and was a pleasure to deal with!!! His performance was off the hook and everyone had a great time!!!! Thank you Paul for making our dinner one to remember!


Name: Gloria Edwards

From: Howell, NJ

Thank you for the wonderful show you did for us Saturday night. From the time we said hello to the time we said goodbye, you never failed to entertain. You are so talented and hilarious with a genuine personality and amazing memory. Everyone at our table enjoyed your company and your stories during dinner. So many people commented to me how much they enjoyed your show, even the older single women that I was afraid might be slightly offended. Instead they told me that you were so funny and were glad they came. I particularly enjoyed the Roy Orbison song you sang. You really have a terrific voice. There's no end to your talents! It was so nice to see you again. Many thanks for all you did for us.

Name: Karen Marasia

From: Long Island, NY

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing performance at my recent birthday party. From everyone's feedback, my party was a big hit, but your performance really put it over the top. It was the "icing on the cake" as they say. Even now, even though it's more than a week later, your comedy is still fresh in everyone's minds and thoughts. In fact, my office is still playing with Brad's head and we play your theme song every time the poor guy passes through the office, and my boss keeps telling Melissa to speak up. Thanks for making my party a truly memorable event. I really had a blast and so did all my guests. You are the greatest!


Name: Ned & Margaret

From: Princeton, NJ

Thanks for a wonderful and memorable evening. Margaret and I have just started dating, so being able to laugh like we did really made for a special time. Hope to see your show again. We will be watching your DVD. Thanks again!


Name: Frank

From: North Jersey, NJ

Just wanted to tell you that I doubt anything you do will beat your comedy show but I have to say I have enjoyed reading your blog. Your writing is very entertaining and fun to read. You really draw the reader right in. I also love your little narratives that accompany all the selections you are telling everyone about. I think your blog is great, I just don't know how you find the time to do it. Obviously you are putting a lot of thought and effort into your writings. Looking forward to more from you and thanks for the free entertainment.


Name: Bonnie (Janice) & Werner (John)

From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Just wanted to say you were a blast and we really enjoyed your show! Hope you're around the area again.


Name: Barry Schutts

From: Hightstown, NJ (Red Knights NJ 14 Road Captain)



Name: Fred B.

From: Hightstown, NJ (Red Knights NJ 14 Treasurer)

Thank you again for the show you put on for the Red Knights Motorcycle Club in Hightstown NJ on March 3rd. It was off the hook, funny as sh#t and a night that will be remembered as the most succesfull Fundraiser to date. I had pains in my face the next day from all my laughing!!


Name: Craig

From: Hightstown, NJ

What a show in Hightstown for the Red Knights Fundraiser...thank you so much for a great night..I have never seen a show like that....TORNADO is the only way to explain your gig...AWESOME! Thanks Again! (


Name: Dan (Elmer Fudd) and Peg

From: Ellwood City, PA

I have been to many comedy clubs and Funny Bones and have even seen Drew Carrey here in Beaver Falls, PA twice, and you by far rank with the best I have ever seen. Thanks for the Fundraiser show at the Moose Club in Ellwood City PA on Feb 17th. Cannot wait to see you again!!


Name: Alan

From: Bayonne, NJ

Once again another great show! Bayonne PAL loves The Comedy Tornado! PV you ROCK!!


Name: Anne & Walt

From: Hamilton, NJ

Saw the show at Catch A Rising Star in The Princeton Hyatt. I can not remember laughing so much in a long time. My wife also loved the show. Paul you were awesome, looking forward to catching another show!! Thanks so much for all the great laughs!


Name: Larry

From: Centereach, NY


Saw Paul Venier last Saturday night, November 25, in Medford, NY. This is the second time that I have seen Paul and I can truly say that I am a big time fan of his. The show was fantastic. He has to be the funniest man I have ever seen. My name is Larry, "Larry's Insurance", which he remembered from the last time I saw him. Paul gives so much of himself at each show. Gives 100% of himself. The sign of a very funny man is when people can be talking about how funny he was. My wife and I are still talking about how funny Paul was from the August 2006 show. A great night of entertainment.

Name: Vicki

From: Toms River. NJ

Thank you so much for making our Fundraiser an incredible success. Having not seen you perform for more years than I care to admit, I cannot believe how you are still amazingly brilliant and timeless!! You are as hysterically funny to this brownie baking soccer mom as you were back in my younger, wilder days. You are awesome!!


Name: Dave Orton

From: Ford Cliff, PA

Just wanted to drop you a note to say " Thanks" for a great show this past Sat. night at the Ford Cliff Fire Co. We had plenty of good comments about the show. I enjoyed it very much. This was our second comedy show and it was as sucessful as the first, which with your help, will keep our guests coming back for more!! Anyone looking to have a comedy show can't go wrong if they hire you for their show. Thanks again for making this fundraiser a big sucess.


Name: Alice

From: Hammonton, NJ

It's the pickle tester---just wanted to say thanks for a million laughs Saturday night in Hammonton. We can't stop talking about the show -- so impressed by you and your quick wit. Laughter is the best medicine, and you my friend are morphine. Smiles!


Name: Donna

From: Manahawkin, NJ

Paul was really funny last Friday night! The feedback from the parents is that everyone they have spoken to had a great time at the show. Even my mother who is 80 years old, laughed all night! My girlfriend who had never heard of Paul, absolutely loved him. She couldn't get over how he remembered everyone's name all night and how quick he is with his humor. We will definitely do the Comedy Night again next year. Thanks for everything and let Paul know he was a big hit in Manahawkin!!!


Name: Patty Clark

From: Manahawkin, NJ

Paul Venier you are hysterical!! Not only do you know exactly who to pick on when you are lambasting the audience, but you know exactly how far you can go with the people you play with! I would love to see you assault a New York audience, where you could make Musical Theater jokes and the crowd would get them, the first time!! You wished me luck with my acting career and we talked about how tough that business is, and I say to you....I am an actor, if I bomb I can blame the playwrite or the director.....YOU ARE FEARLESS AND COMPLETELY ORIGINAL! I salute you and keep singing!


Name: Kevin Orender

From: 'Solve The Puzzle' Charity Organization

Thank you for a wonderful show on January 27 at the Brielle Fire House which was a fundraiser for Autism. There was a comedian who once said that laughter is the best medicine. There were alot of people who were there to support the "Solve the Puzzle" organization, but there was also a good amount of people who were there because their child is affected with some form of autism. Well, on this night you made everyone forget their worries for awhile with your laughter and that meant alot to them.


Name: Joan

From: Forked River, NJ

I was going to write you today to let you know how GREAT Paul made our Christmas Party. He was EXCELLENT! Yesterday morning we didn't accomplish a thing at work as we were all reminiscing over the night before. Spouses who found company parties to be boring were commenting how this was the best company party they ever attended, all due to Paul Venier. He has a great talent in making people laugh and we all really enjoyed his performance.


Name: Theresa G.

From: Pottsville, PA

Well it is Turkey Day and after enjoying a nice turkey, the family sat around watching some DVD's together. When the youngsters all decided it was time to go out and sleigh ride, the adults decided it was time to pop in the Paul Venier VHS video that my husband purchased last weekend during a show of Paul's in Gordon, PA. Mr. Venier was absolutely the best comedian that I have had the pleasure to see thus far and I've laid eyes on quite a few. The group of us that were attending this particular performance together also were able to find out what a real all-around good guy Paul Venier was after the show. Thanks for the good time last weekend & the holiday laughs today!

Name: Stephanie Smaltz

From: Lebanon, PA

I have never enjoyed a comedian so much in all my life as I have you. You were amazing, talented, quick-witted, and so incredibly funny. Your uncanny ability to remember names and work a crowd was unbelievable! Not once did I stop laughing through your entire show! I have been telling people all about you since the night I saw you at Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA on Nov.4th.


Name: John & Cathy (The Translator)

From: Pompton Lakes, NJ

We had such a good time at your show, Saturday, Oct. 22 at "Catch A Rising Star" in Resorts in AC. I haven't laughed that hard at a comic since I saw Robin Williams! You have a great comedic sense of timing & an incredibly fast mind, not to mention you are a very talented musician. I have to come see you again so I can hear what I was laughing through. I'll always remember that night when I hear "the wheels on the bus". Thanks for a memorable night.


Name: Dan & Jeanette

From: Howell, NJ

I had heard the glowing reports about you for many years, mostly from neighbors and friends in and around Jackson, NJ who'd attended your shows at Scooters, off of Rt. 9 in Howell; but until Saturday, Oct 22 at Resorts in Atlantic City I hadn't the pleasure of catching your act "first-hand" (funny, considering the way you picked on me all night). My wife, Jeanette, and I thought you'd like to know that the hour you performed was by far the most entertaining time we have spent in a long while. You are indeed a talented and versatile entertainer, and obviously a serious musician to boot, so though it took us a very long time to finally catch your act, Jeanette and I can't wait to attend another of your shows and witness what will surely be a repeat spectacular performance!


Name: John Morrissey

From: Easton, PA

I just wanted to tell you how funny you where at the State Theater for Target Select. That was honestly the most fun I ever had at a comedy show. You were quick with your lines and made it fun for everyone! So many people came up to me after the show and asked me if I was a plant! They loved the bit I did with my Camera on stage. Thanks for the Laughs! The video was also very funny too! Best of Luck PAUL!!!


Name: Chris Cantwell

From: Medford, NY

I saw your act last night at the Comfort Inn in Medford. I just want to thank you for a great time, I said you were a genius and I mean it, your show is unique because of the way you interact with the crowd, that requires quick thinking and a real serious talent, as opposed to getting up and doing an almost totally scripted act as many do (don’t get me wrong I have seen shows like that and laughed till I cried, it’s just not the same level of skill). I was seriously impressed by your act, thank you for a great show.


Name: Mike

From: Jackson, NJ

WOW is all I really have to say. I havent laughed so hard in my life. You kinged me as "the film kid", my mom as "the stuttering pill counter" and my dad as "the man with horrible public relations". The way you involve your audience is brilliant. Any comedian can sit at home and write jokes but the way you come up with them on the spot is really amazing. Just wanted to let you know that I loved the show you just did in Jackson NJ and I would love to go and see you again.


Name: Corey Alexander

From: Chesterville, PA

Without gettin' too sappy, last Friday was certainly one of my favorite nights of all time. It was a supreme pleasure to finally work with a man who I have seen many many times. And not only that, I have seen him work a crowd like no other in all of comedy. You really have a special, unique gift of giving a lot of laughs and joy to a crowd, and I hope you never give that up, even for music. It was just such a thrill and joy to not only watch you again work your magic, but also to be a part of the show. I can't wait to bring my parents and friends to a show that we do together. You have a such a great presence on stage, and no matter what you say, it's almost a sacred gift to be made fun of by you. I'm truly honored to have finally had that chance with you on Friday. I will most likely still come to watch you here and there. Certainly, I'd rather work with you, but either way, it'll be a joy.

Name: Joseph "Candyman" Jumper

From: Wilkes-Barre, PA

When I think of funny – you come to mind. My wife & I saw you at the Brass Rail on 1/15 with our friends and we all said that you were the best. You have a unique talent for remembering names, what we do for a living, etc. and how you can recall that and tie it all in with the other peoples answers. We will be back to see you when you’re in the area again.


Name: Lizz & Buddy

From: Dallas, PA

Robin Williams, Howie Mandell and Billy Joel all wrapped into one! Paul Venier is definitely all three combined and more. I now know why they call him 'THE ONE MAN COMEDY TORNADO'....... We saw him at The IREM Temple Country Club in Dallas, PA and he did a solid two hour music and comedy show with enough energy to light the whole Pocono Region. I never laughed until I cried like that ever before. My sides and face still hurt. Please perform here again real soon.


Name: Bryan O'Malley

From: Ronkonkoma, NY

Thank God for the internet. I've been telling people about Paul Venier for the last 15 years. Nobody believed me when I would tell them that there is a guy called Paul Venier and he's the funniest man on the planet. I never see Paul's name listed on the Long Island circuit, so I couldn't get people to see him. The first time I saw him, I laughed so hard that I fell out of my chair and onto the stage. Luckily for me, I got back on my seat before Paul turned around to see it. I've never seen a live act that comes close to it. I see that there is a Nov. date for Medford, Long Island. I just e-mailed about 25 people. Their loss, if they don't come.


Name: Jim & Sue

From: Flushing, NY

My wife Sue and I had a great time at your show this past Thursday at Trattoria Portabello, Seaside Heights, NJ. You were great!! I laughed for the entire two hours. It was evident that you love what you do, you work hard and that you are a gentleman. We really appreciated that. We are from Flushing, so we hope to see you again when you swing through New York/Long Island, hopefully soon. All the best and continued success.


Name: Sophie Schmopps  

From: Philadelphia, PA

My sisters and I were there in Wildwood last friday and got to see you perform. I am legally blind so tourist attractions are not much fun for me. I had never been at a comedy club before and just had to let you know you are a genius. You have great musical talent and I can't remember when I laughed so hard. Please put me on your mailing list so that if you are ever in my area I can see you again. Thank You.


Name: Lisa S.

From: Havre de Grace, MD

I wanted to tell you that we had a great time Saturday night at the Havre de Grace comedy show. It's amazing to me how much fun you seem to be having up there. This is the second year we have come to see you. One of the best things about it too is you make a point to say "HI" to everybody before and after the show. I had the chance to speak with your opening act as well, Chris Williamson, he is great. He was great last year too. He was in the diner afterwards and made a point to chat with us for a few minutes before he left, it's nice to see that you surround yourself with quality people. Hoping to see you guys again in the near future.


Name: Maryann Ferrante

From: Lindenhurst,  NY

I saw you Sunday March 14th at the Borgata and once again you didn't disappoint me. The show was fantastic. Of course............. you were the best!!!!!!!! I was sitting a row behind Jeff (the doorknocker salesman) and Wendy (the music teacher). Last time we saw you on Long Island was for my birthday in November. As soon as we found out you were appearing in NJ we decided to make the trip from Long Island. So this makes three times that I have seen your comedy act and each and every time I couldn't stop laughing. Your combined quick wit and music ability are amazing. By the way your CD is great. Thanks again for making us all laugh until our sides hurt. Looking forward to number 4.

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